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:: 3D Scene Acquisition with 2D Laser Scanners

The proposed registration algorithm detects mutual intrusions of 2D scans and resolves them.

We address the problem of registering a set of 2D laser scans in 3D space with regard to six degrees of freedom. Registering single 2D scans is only possible when making strong assumptions on the structure of the scene or on the acquisition process, since only a slice of the 3D environment is captured and the information content is very limited. With a combination of two differently oriented laser scanners, however, the registration problem becomes feasible. We present a method that is based on the idea of preserving the free space represented in each of these combined scans.

On realistically simulated laser range data we show that, given a sufficient sampling density, the proposed algorithm is capable to recover from large translational and moderate rotational errors in the initial configuration.

At present, we are investigating the algorithm on real world data acquired with a combination of two SICK LMS laser scanners and an XSense inertia sensor.

Prototype Cross-Scanner

Results from simulated scans


[Huhle-2011-6DoFRegistration] Benjamin Huhle, Timo Schairer, Andreas Schilling and Wolfgang Straßer, 6DoF Registration of 2D Laser Scans, in: 3DIMPVT 2011: The First Joint 3DIM/3DPVT Conference -- 3D Imaging, Modeling, Processing, Visualization, Transmission, 2011

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